“Following the Canterbury earthquakes, we moved out for an 8 week EQC repair, which after 12 months had still not started.

We finally went overcap only to find ourselves back to square one (worse in fact) with our insurance company.

Dealing with the insurance company and assessors became a fulltime job.

The stress of these dealings, and not being able to make progress so long after (while trying to hold down the ‘day job’  and look after a young family), was worse than the actual earthquakes themselves.

We engaged Grant Shand, and honestly it was the best decision we ever made during the entire process, no question.

His expertise and no-nonsense approach allowed us to start living again while his team took care of it.

Our input was still required periodically, but being guided by Grant and his highly professional  team made it so much less stressful, and ensured we got the best bang for buck with the engineering experts.

The outcome was significantly better than the initial offer and has allowed our family to move on faster and to a much better position than would have been possible if we had tried to go it alone. The costs were a small fraction of the outcome and allowed us to retain our pre-quake equity and ensure our family’s future was not negatively impacted by the Insurance Companies actions.

Knowing what I do now I would not hesitate to use Grant Shand and his team again and would recommend him to anyone having difficulty getting their insurance policy honoured.”