For all those people that settled their earthquake insurance claim with AMI Southern Response before 1 October 2014 here  is the link to the Southern Response DRA Package.  Register and provide information to Southern Response online.  Then get legal advice on the Southern Response DRA offer.  Southern Response will pay $2000 towards legal advice.  Advice should not cost more than that.  Use a lawyer that has experience in resolving these cases like Grant Shand.

Homeowners insured by AMI/Southern response that settled their claim before 1 October 2014 are now entitled to be paid up to many hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Make sure that you get what you are entitled to and do it now.  Grant Shand will charge only $2000 including GST to advise on and settle the claim.   He did the case of Avonside Holdings Ltd v Southern Response that changed the Southern Response practice and required it to pay a contingency and professional fees as part of a settlement.  Southern Response will reimburse the $2000 so owners effectively nothing to get the best advice and outcome.    

In 4 judgments released today, 20 September 2021,  Osborne J in Ross v Southern Response Earthquake Services Ltd has allowed Southern Response to communicate its DRA claim settlement package to the 3000 eligible owners over the objections of Grant Cameron lawyers at the same time as owners are informed that they can opt out of the Cameron class/representative claim.  The Court also dismissed the Cameron/Ross application by which they asked the Court to order Southern Response to set aside 15% of any settlement Southern Response agrees with an owner with the intent that the 15% be available to pay Cameron and the litigation funder.  Owners also need to be told […]

In the Sleight v Beckia Holdings Ltd & ors [2021] NZHC 456 judgment about costs and interest Gendall J ordered IAG to pay interest at 5% pa from June 2015 under s87 of the Judicature Act 1908 on the costs to repair the Sleights’ house at 24 Kinnaird Place, Christchurch.  He ordered interest from the date that IAG was made aware that its original earthquake repairs were defective in June 2015.  He awarded interest on the cost of the repairs as quantified in mid/late 2020.  Homeowners with failed earthquake repairs ought to seek interest from when EQC/Insurer should have know about the problem.  As the Sleights commenced the proceeding pre […]

In Bruce & ors v IAG New Zealand Ltd & ors [2020] NZHC 3051 the High Court ordered IAG to pay costs of $83,179 and disbursements of $121,899 to the Bruces subsequent to the High Court judgment in Bruce & ors v IAG New Zealand Ltd [2018] NZHC 3444.  IAG argued that the Bruces were not successful and in fact IAG had been successful.  Mallon J disagreed and said that the Bruces were the successful party for the purposes of assessing costs.  IAG delayed admitting defects, lost trial issues and ended up paying more than it had ever previously offered.