Online Insurance Claim Assistance

The process of pursuing a claim through a Court against your insurer will feel like a significant undertaking at first.  For some people, however, it is the only option available to them to seek remedy from EQC/and or their private insurer (including Southern Response).

We want to make the process of suing your insurer as easy as possible.  One of the ways we can help with that process is for you to provide the information to use online.  By completing the online process you commit to providing us with your information and enabling us to give you streamlined assistance.

There is also the added complexity of the 6 year time limit imposed by the Limitation Act.  Limitation is an absolute defence that can be used by the private insurers. Firstly, you need to ensure you know the Limitation date that applies to your claim and if you wish to avoid limitation issues (including Southern Response) you will need to sue.  All we need is some information from you to kick the process off.

Our promise to you

We will compile the information you provide into a draft statement of claim for filing in Court.

What happens after you click submit?

You will get an email confirmation,  a draft statement of claim, together with engagement documents and a phone call.

Make Your Claim Now

As you go through the form below be as detailed as you can so we can help speed up the process of initiating a claim in the Courts of New Zealand. Note: some of the fields are content sensitive and will change based on your selection. Any issues or problems then Contact Us.