We live in Blenheim, and the house (purchased in December 2009) was a rental for us , which our son lived in.

We knew our assessments were wrong, and our house should be a rebuild, not a repair,

but we didn’t know who to turn to, or how we were going to argue our case, and prove EQC and SR wrong.

This is what Grant and his team do, they do it every day, and they know how to beat these people at this ‘game’.

It still takes a long time, and you have to be prepared to go through the process, but if you do,

you will get what you are entitled to.

I don’t believe we could ever have done this on our own, and achieved the very satisfactory results that we got.

I can highly recommend Grant and his team, and would be willing to talk to anyone who is unsure about what to do, or who is losing faith along the way.

John & Heather McMurdo