Here is a link to Tower’s 29 November 2016 announcement to the market about its $21.5M loss for the year to 30 September 2016 and its intent to try to separate out its Canterbury earthquake liabilities into a Ru off company.  It says that it has 564 claims unsettled in Canterbury for which it has made a gross provision of $149M.  It says of this 564 there are 311 that are complex and challenging.  The provision works out at $264,000 per claim.  Seems a bit low to me.  It is also uncertain who and how the Run off company will be funded.  Tower proposes informing shareholders of the plan details in March 2017.  If you have an unsettled claim with Tower to maximise recovery insureds need to aggressively pursue the claim now. Sue it if you have not already and squeeze an outcome quickly.