IAG Windscreen Repairers

If you are a windscreen repairer who is not Novus or Smith & Smith then it is likely that you have lost business as a result of actions and representations by IAG and the staff at its call centres. IAG includes the brands State, AMI, Lumley, NZI and Lantern. In 2006 the Commerce Commission prosecuted IAG for misleading conduct under the Fair Trading Act 1986 by misleading customers as to whether they could choose their own repairer. IAG pleaded guilty to 30 charges and was fined $127,000. It appears that notwithstanding the 2006 convictions that IAG has continued to mislead customers.

Chip N Repair has commenced proceedings against IAG in the Auckland District Court and asked the Court enable it to be a representative of other affected windscreen repairers. Affected repairers are likely to have the opportunity to opt in to the proceeding and take the benefit of the Chip N Repair claim.

If you are an independent windscreen repairer or a person that knows about misrepresentations by IAG then you can fill out the details below. We will then contact you with more information.

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