For almost  7 years we battled EQC, Fletchers and Tower Insurance. We seemed to be getting nowhere at all. Then close friends of ours told us that they had engaged Grant and his team  and had excellent results.

So we decided that we needed to also talk to Grant and the team. When we sent through our documentation, we were advised the best course of action, and from then on the worry and stress was taken out of our hands. Grant and the team have been great, they were always prompt and clear with their communication. Thanks to the Team working hard and negotiating with EQC and Tower, we managed to get a satisfactory settlement without having to carry on to the High Court.  Everyone who worked with us at Grant Shand was friendly, helpful and competent. The money we spent was nowhere near what we envisaged it would be, and it was money very well spent. This company is tops in their field and I would say that if you are struggling and stressed, then you could go nowhere better than Grant Shand to help you.

Ray and Kim Oakes