A message from CERA

Offer Expiry Date – Deadline Approaching

We take this opportunity to once again remind practitioners of the upcoming expiry date of the Crown offer for all properties in the flat land red zones (except South New Brighton and Southshore). Please note that the expiry date applies to all property categories – namely insured residential, uninsured improved properties, vacant land, WDC leasehold properties and commercial properties.

Owners of these properties have until 31 March 2013, whichever comes first, to accept the Crown offer by returning a signed sale and purchase agreement to the Crown Settlement Agent. Given that 31 March falls on Easter Sunday CERA will accepted signed agreements up until 5pm on the 2nd of April 2013. No extensions to this date will be given.

Property owners who have yet to return their consent forms to CERA need to do so immediately to allow sufficient time for CERA to send out a Crown offer letter and to consider the offer and consult with their lawyer and bank before the offer expires. In this regard please note the requirement to submit a signed Sale and Purchase Agreement. The return of a consent form alone will not suffice.

Settlements Database

In light of the offer expiry and the level of urgency and response time required to deal with redzonehelp requests the following measures have been put in place for the settlements database:

The redzonehelp staff capacity has been increased.

  • Helpdesk staff are aware of the urgency for dealing with requests and will deal with requests accordingly.
  • To expedite redzonehelp requests please ensure that;

All requests are emailed to redzonehelp@tonkin.co.nz. Verbalphone request need to be confirmed by email so email should the primary means of communication.
Any request to change or update QPID details needs to be first ratified by the acting crown settlement agent.

For further information, please contact info@cera.govt.nz or 0800 7464 2372.