In February 2017, a large number of residential properties located around Worsley’s Road in the Port Hills of Christchurch were badly damaged by fire. Some were completely destroyed. About 80 owners claimed their properties would never have been damaged or destroyed had it not been for the actions of the appellant Leisure Investments NZ Limited Partnership (Leisure Investments), the owner and operator of a nearby adventure park.  The High Court entered judgment for the plaintiffs against the Adventure Park for d damages totalling $10,296,041 together with interest and costs . In the judgment 31 March 2023 in Leisure Investments NZ Ltd Partnership v Grace & ors [2023] NZCA 89 the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal and confirmed the liability in negligence, under the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977  and in nuisance.  It confirmed awards for damages based on reinstatement costs, alternativc accommodation and general damages.