ABC Australia – “Lateline” on Christchurch Earthquake and delays

Here is a link to the ABC Australia show “Lateline” and its piece from 16 February 2016 about the delays in the rebuilding of Christchurch.  It contains interesting comments about IAG and its performance.  Below are 2 quotes from IAG that are interesting.


RENEE WALKER, IAG: We work with our customers. It’s always a negotiation, so they’ll be presented with a cash settlement offer and then is a negotiation. We’re not in the practice of forcing cash settlement. So there is always a conversation.

RENEE WALKER: We think and we maintain that we are settling our claims at a reasonable rate. And we would like to work with our clients to make sure that we get an outcome that’s fair for both parties.

EQC revises house repair costs from $500k to $50k

A Christchurch family is attempting to sue the Earthquake Commission, and their insurer, Southern Response, after being told damage to their home may have been caused by wind, and a flax bush, rather than an earthquake.$500k-to-$50k


Foundation damage ‘not quake’ owners told

Insurers whittled down an agreed rebuild of a Burwood house to a $50,000 repair, the High Court was told today.

Cameron and Suzanne Kelly are, through their company, claiming about $590,000 for the rebuild of their house which, they say, is uneconomic to repair.