Two articles in the Press recently referred to insurance cases in the courts arising out of the earthquakes.  In the 1st article on 9 January 2013 it was suggested that earthquake cases would clog up the Christchurch court(s) for the next 5 to 7 years.  That is a pessimistic view.  The District Court and High Court are disposing of earthquake related cases (mainly against insurance companies) very quickly.  The Press refers to the O’Loughlin case against Tower Insurance.  That case was filed on 31 October 2012.  It has a 5 day trial commencing 4 March 2013.  There is also a reference to litigation being expensive and a last resort.  Insureds will find that litigation is quick and inexpensive and it ought to be an early step in dealing with an insurance company.  The 2nd article on 12 January 2013 suggests that a Court decision adverse to insurance companies in upcoming red zone cases could result in hundreds of already settled claims being reopened.  I would find that highly unlikely.