Below is the IAG limitation position.  If you are an assignee you have 1 week to sue or your claim is statute barred.  This applies to all IAG brands.

IAG’s position for all of its brands is that in respect of claims by our customers relating to policies which cover their contents and customer occupied home, IAG will not deploy the Limitation Act as a defence to proceedings served on IAG before 1st July 2018.

Other types of potential litigants, who do not enjoy this blanket extension include:

a. Assignees of insurance claims; 
b. Body Corporate Policy holders; 
c. Non- residential building policy holders; 
d. Business Interruption cover and other commercial policy holders.

Customers (not assignees) excluded from the blanket extension, will be considered on a case by case basis, but exceptional circumstances would be required, to avoid IAG utilising the Limitation Act defence.