In Robin v IAG & ors [2018] NZHC 1464 the High Court (Gendall J) reversed the decision of Matthews AJ in Robin v IAG & ors [2018] NZHC 204 about joining as defendants people involved in post earthquake repair work.  Ms Robin owned 214 Fitzgerald Avenue.  She sued IAG alleging that the earthquake repair work done did not restore the house to the policy standard.  She also sued the manager of the repair work, Canterbury Reconstruction Ltd.  IAG joined Hawkins who monitored/assessed the remedial work as a third party.  IAG then asked the Court to join as defendants Houselifters Ltd, Max Contracts Ltd and the Christchurch City Council.  Ms Robin opposed the joinder.  Gendall J said that Matthews AJ was wrong not to join them as defendants.  They were involved in the allegedly defective work and no other party could/would  join them as third parties.  It would not be onerous for Ms Robin to formulate and prove the claim(s) given she had sued CRL.