After the extreme weather events in 2023 the Auckland Council established a process for categorising properties for eligibility to council compensation/buy outs.  It is a voluntary process where homeowners must complete a registration form by 30 September 2024. It appears that process is slow.  Here is the 9 may 2024 Council update. A total of 1307 homes have received a final property categorisation with 405 classed as Category 3 and eligible for a buy-out (as of 9 May).  210 Category 3 homeowners had received or accepted a buy-out offer, and 63 properties had completed their sale and purchase agreements (as of 3 May).  Overall, 2812 property owners have registered for the categorisation scheme out of 7389 known impacted properties (as of 3 May).  If homeowners are dissatisfied with the categorisation process/outcome they can apply to the council to review it.  Then there is always judicial review by the High Court.