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Southern Response – Misleading DRA’s

Here is a short video that I did about the practice of AMI/Southern Response in concealing costings from homeowners.  Homeowners that settled before 1 October 2014 are likely have short settled by in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The first Court trial on this issue starts 21 May 2018.

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Insurance claim/policy assignment

Here is a short video I did about the issues with assignments of EQC and insurance claims.  We are still waiting for a Court of Appeal decision after a hearing on 15 February 2018 about the ability to assign insurance claims/proceeds for replacement costs.

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Interest on EQC payments

Here is a short video I did about EQC’s liability to pay interest.  If EQC has not paid then a homeowner should sue now to get interest from when EQC ought to have paid.  For a cap payment this ought to be in excess of $30,000.  A homeowner must sue to get the interest.  EQC is very apprehensive about this new exposure.