Insurance Law and why you need a top Litgator


Why should you use Grant Shand to represent your interests in a court of law?

The law of insurance is a specialist field.  Grant has many years of experience in insurance law.  The earthquakes in Christchurch and other recent natural disasters has meant that insurance law is now an area that thousands of people are having to confront. To negotiate this difficult and complicated area of law requires a very experienced litigator or attorney.

Grant Shand is a highly recognised and experienced New Zealand insurance and natural disaster claim lawyer.

Insurers really only care about money.

As the insured party,  it is essential you get accurate and timely advice about your rights under your insurance policy.  Otherwise an insured person may be taken advantage of by EQC, or an insurer, and settle claims for a lot less than the insured is entitled to under the policy.

As well as giving advice about insurance law circumstances, Grant also currently acts for insured parties in Court proceedings against insurers in the District Court and High Court.  He has previously appeared in the Court of Appeal on an insurance dispute.

Even in a negotiation context it is essential that you get the best advice and have excellent representation whose role is to get the insured the best result available.

Often an insurance dispute with an insurer is resolved by negotiation with the insurer.  This may be directly with an insurer or in the context of a mediation or judicial settlement conference.  Over the years Grant has done in excess of 100 mediations and 50 judicial settlement conferences as well as attended many informal direct settlement meetings.

Grant runs cases involving single houses as well as disputes over commercial properties.  He has a BCom in financial accounting so he can also handle business interruption cases.

In Christchurch it is essential that insured parties get quality advice and are properly represented in their disputes with EQC and insurers.  Grant can do that for you to your financial benefit. You can find more information on his Christchurch Earthquake Insurance page.