You don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

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For almost  7 years we battled EQC, Fletchers and Tower Insurance. We seemed to be getting nowhere at all. Then close friends of ours told us that they had engaged Grant and his team  and had excellent results.

So we decided that we needed to also talk to Grant and the team. When we sent through our documentation, we were advised the best course of action, and from then on the worry and stress was taken out of our hands. Grant and the team have been great, they were always prompt and clear with their communication. Thanks to the Team working hard and negotiating with EQC and Tower, we managed to get a satisfactory settlement without having to carry on to the High Court.  Everyone who worked with us at Grant Shand was friendly, helpful and competent. The money we spent was nowhere near what we envisaged it would be, and it was money very well spent. This company is tops in their field and I would say that if you are struggling and stressed, then you could go nowhere better than Grant Shand to help you.

Ray and Kim Oakes


Ray & Kim Oakes Christchurch 24/07/2018

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Prior to contacting Grant Shand, we had tried all avenues in attempting to progress our earthquake claim. There was a lot at stake for us. Grant knew what steps to take and acted with great alacrity and efficacy. He was very clear in all communications and always had time for us, and our many questions. His skill and determination got us a successful outcome. We have no doubt that we chose the right team to fight for us.

Geoff Knight and Kristi Calder Clients Christchurch 10/12/2017

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We recently completed our earthquake settlement with our insurers, almost seven years after the event!  This has obviously been a stressful and overly long process, but at the end of it we are pleased with what has been achieved for us.

Credit for that goes to the team at Grant Shand who have been in our corner whenever necessary.  I would personally like to thank Grant and Paul who have supported me and been generous with their time and availability.

Sarah Thomson Client Christchurch 26/11/2017

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“Following the Canterbury earthquakes, we moved out for an 8 week EQC repair, which after 12 months had still not started.

We finally went overcap only to find ourselves back to square one (worse in fact) with our insurance company.

Dealing with the insurance company and assessors became a fulltime job.

The stress of these dealings, and not being able to make progress so long after (while trying to hold down the ‘day job’  and look after a young family), was worse than the actual earthquakes themselves.

We engaged Grant Shand, and honestly it was the best decision we ever made during the entire process, no question.

His expertise and no-nonsense approach allowed us to start living again while his team took care of it.

Our input was still required periodically, but being guided by Grant and his highly professional  team made it so much less stressful, and ensured we got the best bang for buck with the engineering experts.

The outcome was significantly better than the initial offer and has allowed our family to move on faster and to a much better position than would have been possible if we had tried to go it alone. The costs were a small fraction of the outcome and allowed us to retain our pre-quake equity and ensure our family’s future was not negatively impacted by the Insurance Companies actions.

Knowing what I do now I would not hesitate to use Grant Shand and his team again and would recommend him to anyone having difficulty getting their insurance policy honoured."

Roly & Karen Steedman Christchurch 29/08/2017

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the team at Grant Shand changed our lives. When we first contacted Andrew Ferguson we had pretty much reached rock bottom. We’d been fighting the EQC and our insurance company for more than four years, and getting nowhere. Our young family were living in a house that was dark, cold, and verging on unhealthy, and we were all but ready to give in and accept the meagre offer on the table.  

 Then Andrew stepped in. And took control! 

He filled us with a sense of confidence that immediately made us feel at ease. He was at once both empathetic and forthright, taking a straight-talking approach that we both respected and appreciated.  

His tenacious style, combined with his indepth understanding of insurance issues and his specific knowledge of the challenges facing Cantabrians, helped us finally achieve the result we knew we deserved. 

We live in a beautiful new house now. One that’s warm and dry, and provides a safe environment for our three wee girls to grow up in. And that simply wouldn’t be the case if we hadn’t crossed paths with Andrew and the team at Grant Shand.

 We will be forever grateful.   

Phoebe & Tim Cronin

Phoebe & Tim Cronin Christchurch 17/04/2017

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We live in Blenheim, and the house (purchased in December 2009) was a rental for us , which our son lived in.

We knew our assessments were wrong, and our house should be a rebuild, not a repair,

but we didn’t know who to turn to, or how we were going to argue our case, and prove EQC and SR wrong.

This is what Grant and his team do, they do it every day, and they know how to beat these people at this ‘game’.

It still takes a long time, and you have to be prepared to go through the process, but if you do,

you will get what you are entitled to.

I don’t believe we could ever have done this on our own, and achieved the very satisfactory results that we got.

I can highly recommend Grant and his team, and would be willing to talk to anyone who is unsure about what to do, or who is losing faith along the way.

John & Heather McMurdo


John and Heather McMurdo 23/03/2017