Southern Response Out of Scope/DFPP

According to Southern Response there are about 7000 people insured by AMI at the time of the Canterbury earthquakes that are owed money on the settlement of claims for damage to driveways, fences, patios, paths, pools etc. People that settled their out of scope/DFPP claims before 1 October 2014 were short paid. This is a claim additional to the house claims covered by the current Southern Response Package.

John Sneesby has commenced a claim against Southern Response in the Christchurch District Court to recover from Southern Response items that were short paid such as professional fees, contingency and p&g. He also asked the Court to permit it to be a representative of all those people in the same position. As with the current house package it is hoped that Southern Response will contribute to costs of legal advice that would cover all costs.

Insert pictures of paths and pools as well as a scales of justice